As/If re-styles the top hits of the 1980's as fresh new upbeat hard rock songs, giving crowds brand new music that's comfortably familiar. As/If captivates an audience with songs they've never heard, but everyone will already be singing along by the time the first chorus hits. More than just the music, we've got campy 80's style blended with a playful punk rock attitude and a dramatic light show for a complete entertainment package. It also doesn't hurt that our singer is a petite chick with lots of stage presence.

As/If is Mia Jenkins, Justin Mackie, Chris Gould and Will Green. From progressive rock to punk, electro to pop, indie rock and even hip-hop, our tastes touch on all the major hits of the 80's. An As/If show contains lots of "essential 80's" hits, but that's not all. We also throw in some interesting selections from our favorite decade that are free of the cheesy nostalgia. With our stylish updates, the hits of Prince and Huey Lewis can fit in a setlist beside Pink Floyd and The Pixies, and they'll all rock just as hard as Danzig and Def Leppard.

Update - March 2011 - we've learned more than just 80's hits for live-band-karaoke, full list is on Chris's website.